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Let’s get ready to rumbleeeee~ 5 million sports fans will be participating online and at the event! Download Uplive Now!

Come release your inner sports fan to a whole new level! Uplive is proud to present our partnership with Fight Tyme! Come watch as fighters PK head to head live on Uplive. You can watch it up close and personal November 8-10 at the SSJIF World Championship Jiu Jitsu Tournament in Long Beach, California by downloading the Uplive app, FightTyme Live app or from our website and get a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas!

Top 10 gifters supporting Team Red or opposing Team Blue will win gifts back daily!! Daily top 2 with at least 5000+ diamonds spent will get gifted a virtual private jet or Ferrari respectively. Visitors at the event can stop by Uplive booth to get their raffle tickets for every $5 they spent. We will be holding hourly drawing to give away cool merch!

Live in LA? Come volunteer 2 hrs with Uplive and join the fun for free! Meet fitness legends and social media stars! Uplive will also raffle merchandise such as, Uplive shirts, USB drives, the legendary pink glasses and more! If you’re interested, please sign up here.

The most anticipated fitness event in Southern California is a true sports festival worth watching! See you there!

Fight Tyme SJJIF World Championship

The SJJIF has further developed the sport by providing National Federations with the opportunity to be part of the true international tournament. Download Fight Tyme on the Google play store or Apple App store to watch it LIVE!

Fight Tyme brings tremendous value and resources to the table for any fighter, promoter, or sanctioning body no matter how big or small. We have created a "tool box" of resources to help fighters, promoters, and sanctioning bodies increase revenue, expand their branding, and be seen all over the world in more than 188+ countries via Live; our cyber and streaming broadcast network!

Fight Tyme is the Fighter's network and platform. It enables the Fighters to benefit from all of the revenues that used to be only available to the promoters or TV networks.

Fight Tyme Live introduced Pay-Per-Stream (PPS) to the Combat Sports world on July 16th, 2016 with our unique live stream coverage surrounding the Heavyweight World Title bout featuring Wilder Vs. Areola; and have been successfully servicing many fighters, promoters, and sanctioning bodies every since.

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