Beauty Pageant
What do I need to know?
Starting July 1st, contestants from all around the world are welcome to participate on Uplive.

Enter for a chance to win $5000 and other prizes!

How to enter?
Step 1. Download Uplive
Step 2. Go live on Uplive everyday and share
Step 3. Collect the Beauty Pageant gifts
Step 4. Post videos and photos on Uplive Moments
Finalists will go to San Francisco to attend the global finals!

More prizes include trophies, sponsored souvenirs, a trip to Dubai, exposure to modeling and film production companies, and more!

Don’t delay! This is your chance to be discovered. Enter now!

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What are the details?
Registration for "Miss International Fashion Travel Pageant" has launched!

Auditions and competitions will be held on Uplive, the leading global live streaming platform. Cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Portland, Seoul, and Sydney are welcome to participate.

Global regions including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and others can register for the Australian region.

The prizes offered this year include cash, crowns, sashes, certificates, and sponsored products. In addition, the top three winners can attend the Australian International Chinese Film Festival for free!

Winners will also receive personalized webpage and social media page to promote their titles, a one week trip to Dubai and get to attend the World Model Expo (FMI) to meet with the top international modeling agencies.

Winners are well prepared for further success in the entertainment industry. They will receive coaching sessions from Star Alliance and Uplive, talent contracts, banner and splash page promotion, and participate in major film and television productions.

Together, let the world see our beauty!
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Q & A
1. Where can I find the Beauty Pageant gifts?
The event gifts will be available on Uplive when the contest begins. During the event period, ask your fans to tap the pink gift box on the bottom of your live room and send you the event gifts.
2. How do I check my ranking in the contest?
The leaderboard will be available after the contest begins. Tap the event banner on Uplive to view the leaderboard.
3. What should I do to win?
Ranking is based on the total event gifts you receive. During the event period, go live on Uplive everyday, post on your Uplive Moments and share on social media to grow your fan base and get support.
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